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We know that as community leaders, you work hard to support volunteers and keep your programs and ministries running smoothly. What’s more, we understand that volunteer management is a means to a greater end. Whether your church schedules homebound ministry or your nonprofit helps to feed the hungry, your volunteers show up to do the work because they want to see their communities strengthened and their corners of the world made better. And so do we.

Our commitment to making the world a better place is baked into our company culture. Below are spotlights on two of our team members and the impact they make in their own communities and at Rotunda.

Patti Such, Onboarding Specialist
Maybe you’ve met Patti at a conference, or spoken with her on the phone, in which case you know all about her contagiously positive energy and first-hand knowledge of scheduling ministers at her church since 2011. Outside of her role at Rotunda, Patti does an immense amount of work as the treasurer of the Louisville Chapter of National Association of Pastoral Musicians and on the recent convention core team. She and her family are also very active in their church, singing in the choir, organizing Supper Clubs and Blood Drives, and volunteering through the Knights of Columbus.

Patti’s experience allows her to relate to volunteer schedulers and onboard them into our products with empathy and relevant advice. Through daily conversations with church leaders and her volunteer work, she’s well positioned to uncover new trends and needs in the ministry scheduling world. Patti frequently learns about new ways to use MSP, and leverages these insights to better serve existing clients and inform our product development. During the last year-plus of COVID, Patti’s connection to Catholic churches across the country helped us map out short- and long-term product priorities, create new resources, and better understand how existing product features could be adapted to work more effectively.

Raina Hanson, Director of Technical Support
If you’ve ever interacted with our support team, you probably know Raina. What you may not know is that she moonlights as a nonprofit ninja! From organizing campus retreats at her church to being the founder of two Chicago-based nonprofits, Raina’s roots in community building and nonprofit leadership run deep.

Raina knows first-hand how important it is to have the right tools to help organize and manage her nonprofits, so that her team can focus as much time as possible on actually doing the work they set out to do. Whether through a client phone call or email, or the community building that she facilitates in webinars and in our product Google Groups, Raina consistently offers practical solutions to the ever-evolving challenges leaders face. The combination of all of this experience allows Raina to contribute a wealth of useful ideas that continue to drive our development roadmap and ensure that each and every organization that chooses MSP, VSP, or feels heard, supported, and well served.

Our team members’ first hand experience combined with the insights we gain from leaders like you allows us to continue developing software products that solve real challenges and make the world a better place.

If you’d like to learn more about Rotunda Software follow us on LinkedIn or bookmark our blog. Thank you for walking hand in hand with us on this journey! Together, we can achieve more.

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