Rotunda and the Holidays: A few of our favorite things

With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to pause and reflect on all we have to be grateful for. At Rotunda, we’re thankful that we get to support amazing people through our work with nonprofits, churches, and groups that work diligently to bring about positive change. We never forget how privileged we are to serve this community.

In an effort to celebrate our users and colleagues and give thanks for the work we do every day, we took a few moments to share our work-related gratitude and our favorite holiday dishes. So, without further adieu, here are a few of Rotunda’s favorite things:

Customer Support Team


I’m thankful for working remotely, especially right now with me and my girlfriend’s schedules being opposite. With remote work, we can still be together. Favorite dish: My step dad’s lamb.


I’m thankful for the way we let interests guide what kinds of side projects we do! I really enjoy the diversity this work allows, and it keeps people engaged. Favorite dish: Desserts!


I’m thankful for the company culture. We live our values and put them into action! Favorite dish: Mashed potatoes! I will eat all of them. They go with everything.


I’m thankful for the way we are encouraged to grow in our areas of interest. I love the diversity of my job from month to month. Favorite dish: My Mom’s sweet potato casserole (50% sweet potatoes, 50% butter and sugar with some cinnamon and maybe walnuts). It’s SOOO not good for you, so you can truly only have it on a holiday.

Client Services and Onboarding Team


I’m thankful for a great team, great people to work for, and most of all, grateful to work remotely. Favorite dish: BREAAAAD! My aunt made those frozen homemade bread loaves, my grandma always made rye bread, and I make these yummy brioche buns, but I’m an equal opportunity bread lover!


I’m thankful for working here during Mikki's (previous Director of Tech Support) tenure with Rotunda. I loved learning Rotunda through her eyes so I could absorb her enthusiasm, vibe, and love for the program and company. I’m grateful that we crosswork within the company. Favorite dish: Bread stuffing!


I’m thankful for the intelligence and warmth of the entire Rotunda team and their willingness and enthusiasm to help one another be successful. I think Slack helps us all stay connected really well and encourages team-building and a positive company culture. Favorite dish: My wife’s cranberry salad.


I’m thankful for our people! Working alongside smart people, passionate about helping others is very fulfilling! Our team’s eclectic interests, from rock tumbling and traveling to growing mushrooms and gaming, keep conversations lively. Favorite dish: I’m a sucker for the yams!

Development Team


I’m thankful for meeting everyone! We’re a group of humans before workers. We care a lot about each other, which is nice and doesn’t happen everywhere. I look forward to us sharing our interests and things about ourselves in meetings and company trips. Favorite dish: Vitello Tonnato!


I’m thankful for having the opportunity to try new things and explore new technology at Rotunda. I love that we’re open to trying new things to make our work better, and I’m thankful to work remotely. Favorite dish: Vitello Tonnato, which is veal covered with mayo and tuna.


I’m thankful for the good energy that we have here, the clients we serve, and that the things we do here are valuable. We invest a lot of time into updating processes and tools, but knowing that it’s a good foundation for the future is something I appreciate. Favorite dish: Stuffing and pumpkin pie.

Operations and Marketing Teams


I’m thankful for how we genuinely have deep and caring relationships with each other, which is not always true in the workplace, and especially with a remote team. I look forward to us continuing to dedicate time to good onboarding for new employees and convening thoughtful retreats. Favorite dish: Mom’s roast duck.


I’m thankful for the team’s connectivity despite being remote. I also enjoy working with different people on the different teams within the organization on a regular basis. Favorite dish: Mashed potatoes and gravy never let me down.

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