3 Hacks to Make Your Job as Meeting Planner Easy

Are you the designated meeting planner? If so, then you know it's a tough job. Beyond requiring basic communication skills, when you’re in charge of creating the next great meeting or event, it’s also important to stay creative and organized. Sometimes those two things don’t work well together. It can be challenging to think of streamlined ways to create fun and engaging group moments. But have no fear. Use these three simple hacks to keep communication and organization for your next group gathering easy.

1. Create a registration form for attendees

You know that awkward moment when you have to introduce someone and you’re not sure what to say? Worried there may be people at your group meeting who don’t know each other well? Take advantage of the registration form to ask fun get-to-know-you questions. Why not ask if attendees have pets, where they’ve traveled, or who their favorite author is? You can turn these golden nuggets of information into fun games and introductions. Even group members who have known each other for years may learn new things about each other!

2. Use sign-ups to recruit help

If you try to do everything yourself, you’ll likely forget something or simply run out of time and energy. Don’t carry the burden alone; use signups to recruit others to help. And while the traditional asks of food, drinks, paper wear, setup, and teardown are always important, why not ask group members to sign up to lead a game, brainstorm discussion questions, or take notes? The sky is the limit with this useful tool!

3. Set up polls to get feedback

Are you unsure as to what would be most helpful to discuss, do, or plan? Do you have some flexibility with the agenda? Create a poll! Ask your group members to vote on topics or agenda items, or have them submit ideas of their own. You don’t have to go out on a limb to figure out what people want to hear — just utilize a poll to find out!

Who said being a meeting planner for your group had to be hard? Unison contains powerful features that streamline creativity, organization, and group communication for meeting organizers. Use these hacks to take the burden off your shoulders while creating meetings and get-togethers that everyone will love.