3 Unison Features That Help You Lead Effectively

Leading isn't easy. Although we have more ways to communicate than ever before, sometimes it’s good to take a step back and listen. That’s especially true when it comes to leading groups. In the middle of the noise, take a pause. Be sure to listen, connect, and identify new leadership to become a more effective leader.

Here are three Unison features that will help you lead more effectively:

1. Registration Forms

Make Unison’s customizable registration forms more than just the standard collection of necessary data. Turn them into opportunities to connect. Find out if your group members have diet restrictions or food preferences. Learn what days and times work best for them to meet. Discover what their favorite hobbies or pastimes are. Do they prefer email or text message communication? You can ask these types of questions on the registration form to make you a leader who is sensitive and respectful to the needs and preferences of your group members!

2. Group Hierarchy

Creating subgroups with the Group Hierarchy feature will allow you to segment people into the groups that fit them best. This keeps you from subjecting group members to seeing notes and posts that are not relevant to them. Use the Group Hierarchy feature to provide clear information to your members and allow them to do the same. When people are added to the proper groups, they can get the information they need faster and easier.

3. Additional Administrators

One of the best qualities of a great leader is knowing when to delegate. Sometimes the groups and subgroups get too big for any one person to manage. When handled correctly, this growth is wonderful news to organizations! But one key to success is identifying new leaders and allowing them to manage subgroups so that the main leader can focus on high-level issues and priorities. Add additional administrators in Unison to empower new leaders and give yourself more time and space for strategic planning!

Becoming an effective leader is challenging. It takes insight, determination, and practice. Using these three Unison features can help you by allowing you to learn more about your group members, better streamline group communication, and foster new leadership so you can focus on moving your organization forward.