Fall release helps groups keep up with Covid-19 curveballs

Since Unison.io came out of beta in August, we’ve received enthusiastic feedback from users about additional features that would help groups do more during these changing times. Today, we’re rolling out new tools to organize limited capacity or virtual events and automatic event reminders for group members.

Registering for limited capacity events

Unison.io's public calendar and signup features are perfect tools to help register attendees for an event that has a limited capacity. Just create your event, set a registration limit, and share your calendar with the public to let people start signing up online. With this release, you can also now fine tune how far in advance members can sign up for your events, as well as control whether they can see who else is attending.

Learn more about using Unison.io to register people to attend church services when operating at reduced capacity on our website.

Registering for limited capacity events

Better support for virtual events

Physical gatherings may be on hold for your group but that doesn't mean you have to stop getting things done! You can now input a virtual conference link, such as a Zoom or Google Hangout link, right to your event location field to share the link with all of your attendees.

Better support for virtual events

Group leader digests and automatic event reminders

It’s important for group leaders to see what members are doing and who is most active. With this release, we're introducing a new daily activity digest just for leaders, which will notify them whenever:

  • Members RSVP or sign up for an event
  • Members complete a poll or other action item
  • New members join the group

Group leader digests

Members will now also receive automatic email reminders for upcoming events, to help reduce no shows and make sure everyone remembers what they're doing or bringing.

Automatic event reminders

Many of these new additions were your ideas, and we are looking forward to hearing how they work for you! Please don't hesitate to contact us with your feedback and suggestions as you continue to explore new ways to help your group do more with Unison.io.