February Updates

February is underway, and we’ve already got some amazing Unison features pushed out the door! Just last week, our development team released new capabilities that are sure to be some of Unison’s most loved features: group hierarchy and text message blasts. Organizing and communicating with your people just got a whole lot easier!

Hierarchical structures

We all know that quite often we need to create groups within groups. For example, youth groups consist of students and leaders. Nonprofits may have staff, board members, and volunteers working on projects together. The list goes on and on. Having a place to talk to everyone while also limiting other conversations to only a few members is central to effective communication. This is exactly why the Unison team has been working hard to develop group hierarchy capabilities — and now they’re here!

Today your organization can create parent groups and sub groups as far down into the organizational structure as necessary. You can ensure that you're talking with exactly the right people about the right topics every time!


Do you have a list of leadership guidelines you only want to share with leaders? Set up a sub group and post a card in that group to get the information out to them fast without confusing or involving the other members of your group!

Do you have waivers you need signed by parents? Create a subgroup for parents to communicate with them without involving leaders or students!

There are countless ways to enjoy this powerful feature. Creating groups within groups has no limit, so don’t hesitate to make the most of this wonderful feature that gives you the ability to disseminate information with precision.

Text blasts

Do you need to get a message out to your team right now? Have a deadline creeping up? Take advantage of the new text blast feature to instantly send out helpful reminders! Just enter the group members’ phone numbers into their profiles and send them a text whenever you need. Forms due tomorrow? Send a text! Canceling a meeting due to inclement weather? Send a text! Unison’s text blast feature just moved you one step closer to your group members. You’re just one text away.

text 2.png

Ready to give it a try? Sign up for a free Unison account. Create an organization to enjoy these new features and bring your group together like never before!