The Role of Roles, Delegating Responsibilities to Other Group Leaders

Regardless of your group size, organization of your members and the delegation of roles can greatly improve the effectiveness of your group. Consider who will be in charge of scheduling the next meeting, who is responsible for welcoming any new members, and who will have access to other members’ contact info. Here are some ways you can use to better delegate access and roles to other group leaders!

Tiered access for leadership makes it easy to designate roles based on responsibility with three distinct member roles:

  1. Administrators
  2. Group Leaders
  3. Members

An Administrator has access to everything within your group. They can access and manage all sub-groups within an account, add new sub-groups, and designate other Administrators and Group Leaders. This means they can also add new members, send messages, and add events to the calendar for any group.

By designating a member as a Group Leader, you are granting them privileges to manage a specific group or sub-group. They can send announcements, create action items such as polls, forms, and RSVPs, and add or remove members from their specific assigned group. Behind the scenes, they can also run reports and collect data from these group members.

Members are the people that make up your group. They can receive messages, post comments, see other member activity on the group feed, complete action items that have been created or assigned to them, and view the group’s calendar. Members also have control over their own notification settings within, helping to personalize their experience.

Prepare for changes in leadership
Is your group prepared for a scenario where an Administrator or Group Leader needs to take a leave of absence? Who will follow up with your members or manage the transition of information? Consider pre-designating a backup administrator that has full access to your organization. Alternatively, one of your Group Leaders can step in to manage communication with the group until the Administrator can return. Someone within your group might also be looking to help more: consider adding a poll to ask members if they would be willing to step in as a backup in case of a leadership change. is a one-stop shop for collecting all of your group’s important information in a single place, which can help support a smooth transition of leadership from one person to another. A new leader can use the built-in search feature to look for terms across the group, making it easy for them to pinpoint information pertinent to their new role! gives you tools to better manage your group through effective and clear leadership, helps you better prepare for transitions in leadership, and keeps your lines of communication with members open. Sign up to better connect with your group today!