Our values

How do we make such a special connection with our clients? How have we grown to support over one million users without ever taking on a cent of funding? How do we stay years ahead of companies many times our size while enjoying a healthy work life balance?

We believe that our success is rooted in shared values that underscore our decision making process and empower us to fulfill our mission to help people do good things.

What we do matters
Each of us must choose how we make our living and whom we serve in the process. Does the impact of those decisions really matter? We think so.
Service is above profit
We focus on serving people and building meaningful, lasting relationships. Profit and growth are byproducts of helping our users with their challenges.
Our work is our art
We take pride in our work, dream big, and push boundaries, both for its own merit and because exceeding expectations is key to winning trust and building relationships.
Integrity bears fruit
We are authentic, honest, and respectful, both with each other and as a business. Integrity helps us work effectively as a team and do what's best for our users.
Ideas are selfless
Progress happens one idea at a time. We share ideas freely and often, and evaluate them without ego. The team wins when the best ideas win.
Life is today
We work hard to live well. Being professional and diligent affords us a healthy work-life balance and the ability to be present for life's most important moments.
Interested in working with us?
We are always on the lookout for talented people, especially for certain roles. Get in touch!