A small team with a big impact

Helping organizations mobilize volunteers toward positive social change drives our small but mighty team day in and day out. We develop simple software solutions for the complex challenges volunteer schedulers face, and focus all of our efforts on building strong relationships with each and every client we have the privilege of serving.

Today we support the needs of over 1 million people volunteering with over 3,500 organizations in every US State and abroad. Churches of all denominations, health clinics, therapeutic riding centers, animal shelters, performing arts centers, emergency medical service agencies, food banks, and other nonprofits rely on MSP and VSP to send nearly 225,000 emails and text messages every single day. Our mobile app and web terminal is accessed by over 10,000 admins and volunteers daily. Over the course of last year, one out of every 300 people in the US interacted with our products.

We continuously challenge ourselves to build better tools to help these groups stay on the same page with their volunteers and achieve their missions. Our work is our art, and we take pride in our ability to dream big and push boundaries because we know that exceeding expectations is the key to winning trust and building relationships.

Further, maintaining our commitment to service and consistently pushing ourselves to add real value has kept clients coming back year after year. Only about 3.5% of our clients choose not to renew their licenses, while the average tenure of our clients is currently at 7 years and climbing. Roughly one-quarter of our clients have been using MSP for over 10 years.

We’re especially proud of our Net Promoter Score, which at 68 is more than twice the national average for software companies. Why does this matter so much to us? Because it indicates how many clients tell their friends and colleagues about the value that Rotunda’s products bring. Such a high number of word-of-mouth referrals proves that no matter what cause you care about or where you may be located, we’ve helped other organizations in similar circumstances achieve success.

We love learning about the challenges that nonprofits of all sizes face and developing solutions to empower these organizations. And we’re always looking for talented people to join our team! Check out our open positions to see how you can help us help people do good things through technology.

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