Life is today: Integrated work-life at Rotunda

Work-life balance is a phrase that comes up a lot in corporate values statements. To some, it can mean shutting down your computer at 5 o’clock. To others, it might look like turning off emails when you’re on vacation. Here at Rotunda Software, we take a more holistic view, recognizing that work and life are deeply connected and co-dependent. By being hard-working, professional, and diligent, we afford ourselves plenty of time to enjoy life and to be present for its most important moments.

Our value of "Life is Today" is baked into our organizational culture, and shows up in the way we plan our product releases, structure company retreats, communicate, and implement formal policies. Recognizing and supporting employees in leading rich, textured lives at work and beyond allows them to contribute more fully, remain creative in the face of challenges, and grow organically in their roles and contributions to our products and clients. Here are a few ways we ensure our agile, fully remote team maintains balance and thrives.

Quality Teamwork
We enjoy the liberty and independence that comes with being a profitable, self-funded company. That means we have the opportunity to determine how to best meet the needs of our clients, set our own product development pace, and prevent individual and team burnout, all while achieving ambitious goals. This wouldn’t be possible without having regular one-on-one and team meetings where we can honestly share personal and professional challenges, new ideas and inspirations, and candid two-way feedback. Because we are committed to serving our clients and each other, individual competition and ego don’t get in the way, and we can all do our part to cultivate an outstanding quality of work and life.

People-First Policies
Thoughtfully crafted company policies ensure that we truly walk the talk of supporting our team in living their best lives. We offer generous paid leave for new parents, which in addition to birthing mothers includes non-birthing parents like partners and adoptive parents. When a loved one passes on, employees are encouraged to utilize paid bereavement leave to spend time with family and have space to grieve without worrying about their workload.

Rotunda's Sabbatical Leave policy offers a full month of paid leave in addition to the standard 4-weeks of annual paid time off that all employees receive. The sabbatical formalizes our intent for employees to take sufficient time away from their daily work to focus on a passion project, travel, spend time with friends and family, and generally rest and recharge.

We expect our team to go above and beyond in service to our clients, even if that means taking a little extra time to do so, but we also encourage employees to seize a spontaneous opportunity to travel or take unplanned time off to care for a loved one. By creating a culture that values working hard to live well, we’re able to help thousands of nonprofits achieve their missions while still being present for life’s most important moments. And that’s pretty fulfilling.

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