Remote work done right

Everybody loves the idea of working from home. Such freedom! Such balance! But not all remote work environments are created equal, and in many cases the benefits of working from home are clouded by poor sense of connection and alignment.

Rotunda's journey to a fully remote workplace began organically, well before the pandemic. Through years of experimentation, we've landed in an elevated remote work experience that is truly the best of both worlds, allowing us to enjoy the benefits of working from home while staying meaningfully connected to each other and our mission.

Connected to Each Other

“For 3 years I worked at a company in a building with many other people. I sat at a desk within several feet of my team, and often felt like I was by myself. Rotunda is the exact opposite. I’m actually sitting here by myself but I feel like I’m with other people most of the day.”
-- Samantha Rowland, Onboarding Specialist, Rotunda Software

When you have deep relationships with your colleagues, a clear sense of your job responsibilities, and the tools to do your work with ease, the switch to working from home is pretty easy. But when you’re a new employee, or you have a new member join your team, remote work is put to the test. That’s why we start at the very beginning, with an onboarding approach that seamlessly combines social interaction with functional knowledge building.

From day one, each new employee is partnered with different team members that includes pair programming for developers and shadowing calls for sales and support staff. Additionally, new employees get to know everyone else at Rotunda through fun, structured small group video meetings that take place within the first few weeks of starting work.

Asking for help is normalized, and it’s not uncommon for colleagues (both new and seasoned) to jump into a quick impromptu video call to brainstorm something or clarify next steps on a project. And of course, we use Slack to connect about work and share non-work tidbits like photos of our kids, funny memes, and delicious recipes.

Connected to Our Mission

“You guys did it again! Just when I don't see how you can make MSP better, you do! Thank you so very much!”
-- Maureen Yantz, Volunteer Scheduler, St. Margaret Church

Rotunda is a deeply service-oriented organization, rooted in shared values and a relentless drive to help people do good things through technology. We constantly listen to our clients’ feedback and suggestions, and infuse that perspective into everything we do. From developing new features to celebrating small wins on our #cheersforpeers Slack channel, we know how rewarding it is to work in alignment with a shared goal and make an effort to ensure all employees feel connected to Rotunda’s mission.

By sharing quotes from users in Slack channels, through casual conversations, and in formal channels like our weekly newsletter and quarterly company meetings, we bring the voice of those we serve into our daily work. This way, even employees who don’t directly interact with our clients get the chance to see the impact of their work.

Another way each Rotundan has direct influence on our collective impact is through a program we call Rotunda Philanthropy. Each year, all employees are invited to nominate a new nonprofit to include in our annual giving portfolio, and everyone votes on the organizations they’d like to see us financially support through a donation.

Join Us!

By leaning into shared values and our mission of helping nonprofits do good through technology, we’ve crafted an elevated remote work experience that is the best of both worlds, one where we are all meaningfully connected to each other, our work, and our clients.

Are you looking for a remote position to love? Take a few minutes to apply to join our growing team!

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