They liked our apps so much, they joined our company!

Our team members at Rotunda Software aren’t merely experts with a deep passion for supporting churches and nonprofit organizations with their volunteer scheduling and communication needs: about one-third of our employees actually had personal experience using Rotunda Software products in their own jobs and volunteer activities prior to joining our team!

Here are our team members’ stories:

Raina was scheduling more than 500 volunteers in the children’s ministry at a large, multi-campus, non-denominational church in Chicago and needed a better way to handle sub requests. “After implementing Ministry Scheduler Pro to ditch the reply-all email chains and constant manual reminders, our no-shows dropped and so did the number of hours needed for scheduling and managing volunteers,” she says. When the opportunity arose to help others customize MSP to their needs, Raina jumped at the chance. Just a few weeks later, she joined our support team.

Patti was actively involved in scheduling volunteers at her Catholic church in Kentucky but hated going to the office late at night to update volunteer profiles and run her schedule. “While attending a conference, I learned that with an MSP license I could access the program on my personal computer as well as the one at church,” she recalls, “and so I immediately purchased a license as a gift to the church and to myself!” Although she recently retired from Rotunda, Patti continues to assist at her church using MSP to schedule volunteers.

Emily was a secretary at a Catholic church in Indiana who inherited command of the MSP system from a previous scheduler. “Creating schedules with MSP was my favorite part of the job,” she smiles.

When Rotunda posted a job opportunity to the MSP Google Group, the position piqued her interest. After having a conversation with Patti, Emily decided that working at Rotunda would be an ideal fit for her. “Now I get to help others see how much fun scheduling can be!” she beams.

Alicia started working at Rotunda even before she began using our products. As the wife of a pastor at a small Evangelical church in Michigan, she had never really considered how beneficial a ministry scheduling program like MSP could be.

“After working here at Rotunda, I came to realize that a scheduling program could help organize not only the Wednesday night meal ministry, but also the Sunday services and various outreach opportunities in the community,” Alicia says. “Now, volunteers can serve in all the ministries they desire without having to worry about being overscheduled or risking burnout.”

Samantha, a scheduler at a Catholic church in Missouri, phoned our billing line one day to renew MSP. As she spoke with us, our reps were impressed with her story of how she had designed a Eucharistic Adoration schedule entirely on her own using MSP. The next week, a sales team position opened up, and soon Sam became part of our team.

“Working at Rotunda felt like a natural progression from being a user to helping others identify and walk through how to solve their pain points with the software,” Samantha explains. “I now look at my job as ministering to those who do ministry, so they can do less administrative work and spend more time with their volunteers.”

These valued Rotunda employees possess firsthand experience using Rotunda software, enthusiasm for its power to simplify the process of ministry and volunteer scheduling, and a zeal for sharing their knowledge base to assist our church and nonprofit clients in serving their communities more efficiently. That’s what makes our team so exceptional.

If you too are an ardent believer in Rotunda Software products and want to share the good news of what our volunteer scheduling and communication software can do, then consider joining us! You’ll become part of a talented, dedicated, international team passionate about doing meaningful work and building extraordinary products that people love. We offer competitive salaries, generous vacation and sick leave, paid parental leave, health insurance reimbursement, a paid sabbatical program, and a 401(k) profit sharing plan. And our positions are fully remote, so our employees can work from anywhere – no need to relocate!

Check out our current open positions and apply online today!

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