Rotunda Philanthropy

_“For it is in giving that we receive.” _
— St. Francis of Assisi

At Rotunda, we center all we do around our mission statement: help people do good things. Our mission statement and our values are the guiding light by which we organize ourselves, build relationships with clients and partners, develop software, and work together day in and day out.

Through Ministry Scheduler Pro, we help churches schedule hundreds of thousands of volunteers to serve together through the commonality of their faith. Volunteer Scheduler Pro supports nonprofit schedulers as they manage a wide variety of volunteers working in sectors such as animal welfare, housing and food security, the arts, and many other areas of society. Our newest tool, Unison, makes organizing all sorts of groups more efficient so that group members and leaders have more time to devote to action instead of being bogged down in team communication and planning.

We also help a number of nonprofit organizations continue doing good things by providing financial support through a program we call Rotunda Philanthropy. Each year, we donate thousands of dollars to a select number of mission-driven organizations with values that align with our own. At the end of each year, we invite all Rotunda employees to nominate a nonprofit to be added to our giving portfolio. Together we vet the new nominees, and select one to receive a portion of our giving dollars. We also donate to organizations that were added to our portfolio in previous years, growing our philanthropic support year after year.

Below are a few of the organizations we support, along with a quote from the Rotunda team member who nominated that organization. A full list of nonprofits we support can be found on our website.

Habitat for Humanity Puerto Rico

Habitat's global mission is to work with families and the community to purchase decent, safe places to live.

“One thing I love about Habitat's work is that it's a true partnership with a family.”
— Dominique, Client Service Specialist

Smile Train

Smile Train supports 100%-free cleft repair surgery and comprehensive cleft care for children globally.

“It's incredible to know that one surgery can change a child's entire future!”
— Katie Davidson, Marketing Guru


Fabretto empowers children and families living in poverty in Nicaragua through education.

“We've seen Febretto’s good work on the ground in Nicaragua and believe in their mission.”
— David Beck, CEO

Our products, our people, and our clients all move toward the same aim — to do good in the world. By supporting these nonprofits, and many others, we continue to work toward our mission of helping people do good things.

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