The luxuries of slow growth

It's hard to know as a prospective employee what kind of work environment awaits you at your next position, but one factor worth paying attention to is the rate at which a company is growing. Rapid or venture-backed growth generally creates a chaotic, unstable and stressful environment. Companies that have consistent, measured growth generally offer better quality-of-life benefits like increased job security, more meaningful relationships, and time to focus.

Job security

In a company that grows at a measured rate, keeping your job does not depend on closing the next round of funding, on the price of bitcoin, or on "go big or go home" strategic gambles. How much would you value having more confidence that whatever the world brings next year, your job will be there for you?

Meaningful relationships

There is far less turnover in companies that grow at a measured, sustainable pace, which means there is more time for you to get to know your coworkers. At Rotunda, we are able to take an annual retreat, with our families, to connect and celebrate our successes. Coworkers are among the people we interact with the most in life. How would you like those relationships to be deeper and more meaningful?

Time to focus

At slow-growing companies, employees can focus on developing high quality, durable solutions to challenging problems. Systems also become highly efficient because incremental improvements pay dividends over time. How would you like spending most of your work day focused on doing your best work, without the stress?

If these benefits are appealing to you, consider taking your next position at a company with a history of slow, consistent growth. Speaking of which, at Rotunda, we are hiring, and would be thrilled to explore if one of these positions would be a good fit for you.

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