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We're looking for great developers to join our team, and we feel our culture and methodology stand out. It might be the perfect fit for you... if you are a talented developer that refuses to surrender to the endless crunch that can plague most startups, or settle for the bureaucratic dull we often find in big companies.

At Rotunda you'll find an environment that empowers you to do your best work without signing away your identity, whether you're a family man, a musician, a travel weirdo, or all of the above. Here are some of the ways we live out our values.

Individually, you're empowered from day one with trust and responsibilities. A warm onboarding, streamlined tools and dedicated times for you to ask questions quickly get you up to speed. Your ideas are heard. Your opinions matter and are welcomed. You have great freedom to organize how your work fits in with the rest of your life. You are also encouraged to innovate and take risks. We believe that fierce innovation separates us from our competitors and serves our clients, and take pride in our unique technology, such as Baseline or Modui, and our open source contributions. At Rotunda you don't just get to use innovative frameworks, you also help create them.

As a team, the work is fast and dynamic. Take our sprint planning meetings, for instance. Our product designer is there, allowing us to resolve any lingering design puzzles on the spot. We manage to keep our plannings to just a couple hours, but by the end everyone is clear on what every card entails. We also have a fully dedicated mentor, a senior developer and team veteran whose sole role at Rotunda is to support you in yours. He hosts open office hours twice a week and is available for one-on-one sessions. At the end of every sprint we show off the cool stuff we built, discuss opportunities for improvement, and celebrate everything that went right.

As a company, we are all in it together. The development team works hand-in-hand with Marketing, QA, and Support, especially when gearing up for a release. We all enjoy a fully remote work environment done right, regular cross-departmental meetings, and epic company retreats. Management is down to earth, practical, and transparent. Our CEO is a senior+ developer and shares our trade and values, so we're never pushed to rush things out or accumulate technical debt.

In short, life at Rotunda is fast, dynamic and exciting, but also warm, flexible and real! We do our best work and can feel the impact it has on our clients. At the same time, we're always looking to evolve and improve, and the people who join us have an important role in that process. If this kind of adventure sounds appealing to you, please put your name in the hat by applying for an open position.

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