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How to Encourage All Stakeholders to Fill Volunteer Openings

Have you struggled to fill volunteer roles at your organization? You’re not alone. Recruiting volunteers is no small feat. Find out how to look internally at the organization’s current stakeholders to discover a whole new pool of qualified volunteers.

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How to Engage and Recruit Volunteers this Summer

Does it seem like summers fly by? Do you struggle to use them to their fullest potential for your volunteer schedules and programs? Don’t let these crucial months slip away. Commit to being intentional this summer. Approach the summer with clear goals to meet the volunteer needs of your nonprofit.

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VSP User Spotlight: Wags and Walks

It’s little wonder that Wags and Walks has become a powerful force for good. With a clear mission, an engaging volunteer program, and cute, furry friends, the people of this wonderful organization are changing Los Angeles, one paw at a time.

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4 Ways to Keep Volunteers Engaged

Volunteers create an exceptional opportunity for nonprofits to further their missions. But often, this opportunity isn’t capitalized on effectively — even by organizations with robust volunteer programs. A core problem is volunteer engagement. But you can prevent this! From onboarding to volunteer scheduling, use these four ways to keep volunteers engaged.

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