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Four ways to build authentic relationships with clients

Thousands of organizations rely on Ministry Scheduler Pro and Volunteer Scheduler Pro to schedule and communicate with over one million volunteers. Our Net Promoter Score is 61, while the industry average is 28. Only 3% of our clients choose not to renew MSP year after year. Nearly a third of our employees used Rotunda products in their own organizations before joining our team.

How have we been able to achieve these outstanding numbers? It's clear to us that at the heart of these successes is the deep, authentic relationships we enjoy with our clients.

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What brought us to Rotunda

Rotunda started with humble beginnings over 15 years ago. Today, we have a tight-knit company culture with 16 team members and close relationships with several contractors. We’ve come a long way since the early 2000’s, and the circumstances that brought many of us to Rotunda are far from random. Here are the stories of how each of us found Rotunda.

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Rotunda Philanthropy

At Rotunda, we center all we do around our mission statement: help people do good things. Our products, our people, and our clients all move toward the same aim — to do good in the world. We also help a number of nonprofit organizations continue doing good things by providing financial support through a program we call Rotunda Philanthropy.

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Rotunda and the Holidays: A few of our favorite things

With Thanksgiving just behind us and Christmas right around the corner, it’s the perfect time of year to pause and reflect on all we have to be grateful for. At Rotunda, we’re thankful that we get to support amazing people through our work with nonprofits, churches, and groups that work diligently to bring about positive change. In an effort to celebrate our users and colleagues and give thanks for the work we do every day, we took a few moments to share our work-related gratitude and our favorite holiday dishes.

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Rotunda retreat: In pursuit of our customers’ success

From the very beginning, providing exceptional service has been at the heart of Rotunda Software. This was no less true during a recent team retreat where we took the opportunity to come together and refocus on our mission of “helping people do good things.”

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